UCSD Splash 2019

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ZOE LI, UCSD freshman studying Chemical Engineering

Major: Chemical Engineering/NANO

College/Employer: UCSD

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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Zoe Li is a freshman at UCSD who is passionate about chemistry, psychology, and education. In the past, she has worked with other organizations to teach courses such as technical writing, drama, and sewing. Zoe believes that learning is a lifelong process, and people learn more when they study what they're interested in. She is so excited to meet you all!

Past Classes

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How to Win Big at Vegas - Game Theory in Splash Spring 2018
Games are all about chance - but can we stack the odds in our favor? In this class, we will explore game theory by playing games ourselves. Combining mathematics with psychology, we will learn how we make decisions, as well as how we can use statistics to gain the upper hand. We can't promise that you'll strike it rich the next time you head to the casinos, but it's a start!

Creativity - Rewiring Your Brain in Splash Spring 2018
What do the words "pine", "crab", and "sauce" have in common? They all relate to the word "apple"! Everyone wants to "be more creative" - but what does that even mean? And is it even possible? In this class, we will discover what makes an innovative thinker, and how you can apply those skills in your daily life. Come prepared to partake in some fun psychological experiments (aka, play creativity games like the one above!)