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MONIQUE GRIMALDI, Recent UCSD Graduate of Environmental Engineering

Major: Environmental Engineering

College/Employer: UCSD

Year of Graduation: 2016

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My name is Monique Grimaldi and I will be graduating from UCSD in March. For the past 5 years I have studies Environmental Engineering and also have a minor in Urban Studies in Planning. Aside from academics, I am also heavily involved with student organizations. I was part of the UCSD women's rugby club for four years and have been involved with Alternative Breaks for four years as well. Alternative Breaks is a student-run social justice-based organization. Over spring break, we spend groups of students out to different locations around the world to engage with different communities and to do strong direct service. Before the trips we spend months educating ourselves about social justice, orienting ourselves to the community we will be working with, and training for the type of service we will be doing (construction, teaching, working with children, etc.). Last spring I led a trip to Boston, MA and worked with two organization (Stop Hunger Now and Heifer International) to learn more about Food Justice. Since then, Food Justice has become my passion. Upon returning from my trip, I took a class on Food Justice to further my education, participating in two internships focused on growing food security in southeast San Diego, was a guest speaker for our past Alternative Weekend trip focused on Food Justice, and am now volunteering with Jewish Family Services working with their Hand Up Teen Leadership Program that provides high school students the opportunity to gain valuable leadership skills, learn about food insecurity in San Diego, and advocate for social change. I have applied to the Peace Corps and am currently under consideration for the program LIFE: Linking Income, Food, and the Environment. I am also interest in applying to FoodCorps - a branch of AmeriCorps focused on Food Justice, Community Engagement, and Empowerment.

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