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MAYA HOLAY, UCSD engineering graduate student

Major: NanoEngineering

College/Employer: UCSD

Year of Graduation: G

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I am a second year graduate student studying NanoEngineering. I am an avid swimmer (both in the pool at the Cove!) and I am loving being in San Diego for my PhD!

Mallory and I were inspired by one of our favorite chefs, Alton Brown, to explore and share our love of cooking and the science behind it. In the past, we took a Kitchen Chemistry class that introduced us to molecular gastronomy and we want to share the fun with you!

Past Classes

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S259: Fun with Kitchen Chemistry in Splash Spring 2019 (Apr. 20, 2019)
Have you ever wondered how they make those wonderful popping pearls that you put on top of your frozen yogurt? Or why mousse has such a rich yet airy texture? This class is designed to introduce you to molecular gastronomy with plenty of samples!