Splash@UCSD 2021

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KATIE NEIPRIS, Scuba-diving Literature PhD who loves The Office

Major: Literature

College/Employer: UCSD

Year of Graduation: G

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Katie is a Ph.D. student in the Literature Department at UC San Diego. She earned her B.A. in English at UCLA. Katie teaches undergraduate humanities courses at UCSD and has taught SAT/ ACT prep, reading, writing, and Spanish for several years. As an undergrad at UCLA, she was chosen to design and teach an undergraduate English seminar, which inspired her to continue teaching at the college level. She studied literature at Oxford in 2012 and writing at Cambridge in 2015. A published author, Katie enjoys creative writing, traveling, SCUBA diving, and any activity that involves frolicking in the ocean. Her favorite life experiences so far have been au pairing in Spain, shark cage diving in Hawaii, and walking the trail to Mordor in New Zealand.

Past Classes

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H222: Reading Harry Potter Like English Majors in Splash Spring 2019 (Apr. 20, 2019)
In this course, we will dissect aspects of Harry Potter like English majors. This class will teach students to identify literary devices and discuss themes at the college-freshman level.

H223: History of Baseball in Splash Spring 2019 (Apr. 20, 2019)
The history of baseball addresses issues of race, class, and gender. What are baseball's true origins? What does baseball during war tell us about the nations that need it? What is the role of women in American baseball? How did baseball become America's pastime?

H224: Learning Rhetoric Through The Office in Splash Spring 2019 (Apr. 20, 2019)
NBC's popular sitcom The Office is now the most streamed show on Netflix. What makes this a "smart" comedy? How do the writers and actors play upon language conventions and expectations? We'll dissect clips of this workplace comedy to track how the dynamics between coworkers are informed by their use of rhetoric.