UCSD Splash 2019

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EMILY PETTITT, UCSD sophomore, lover of neuroscience and dance

Major: Biology

College/Employer: UCSD

Year of Graduation: 2020

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Brief Biographical Sketch:

Emily grew up in the vibrant city of San Jose, just a quick BART trip away from huge art and technological hubs such as downtown San Jose and San Francisco. Homeschooled for her entire adolescent life, she was able to dedicate her time to a multitude of extracurricular activities in a variety of fields, including independent lab research and dance. Here at UCSD she is currently pursuing a BS in physiology and neuroscience, with a second major in cognitive science. In her spare time Emily strives to do anything creative, whether it be dancing, attending FOOSH practice (the on-campus improv group), trying to self-teach herself guitar, or cartooning her experiences on campus.

Past Classes

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How Our Brain Gives Us Superpowers in Splash Spring 2018
Here we'll take an expansive journey around the brain together, from micro to macroscopic, exploring all the different aspects of neuroscience. From the molecular view, we'll discover axons firing to create signals. From there we'll zoom back out to a cognitive science approach to see how processes such as emotion and memory are created in our brain (while also working together discover what amazing things our individual brains can do). We'll then continue our journey in order to answer the question: "what can your brain truly do?"