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EDWARD RICHARDS, Grad student in ocean acoustics

Major: SIO

College/Employer: UCSD

Year of Graduation: G

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I began my studies in Ocean Engineering at the University of Rhode Island, where I worked in diverse projects; robots that operated both above and below the surface of the water, an ocean wave energy extraction buoy and an acoustic propagation experiment off the island of Kauai as an intern at UCSD (https://scripps.ucsd.edu/mpl/mpl-summer-internship-program). I focused my masters studies on an ocean acoustic problem, the inversion of sound speed from acoustic propagation. This inversion is in general a very complicated and potentially impossible problem, my thesis focused on the possible use of ocean gliders (ie. http://spray.ucsd.edu/pub/rel/info/spray_description.php) to contain and solve this problem.

I was accepted into the oceanography department at UCSD to continue my work in ocean acoustics at the Marine Physical Laboratory (https://scripps.ucsd.edu/mpl/about). I am a third year PhD student, and have worked in a number of applications; source localization, vector sensing, high frequency time-domain beam-forming and surface scatter. I have been spending most of my time recently on surface scatter problems, and hope to develop a model to accurately model these physics. The hope is to use these results to improve underwater acoustic communications (ie. http://acomms.whoi.edu/).

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