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Major: Medicine

College/Employer: UCSD

Year of Graduation: G

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Brief Biographical Sketch:

I will be graduating from UCSD medical school this June, and will start my residency in Family Medicine at UC San Diego Medical Center!

I went to high school at Bonita Vista where I played Water Polo and swam competitively. After graduation, I went to Princeton University where I studied Psychology and Neuroscience. I took time off during which I tutored, taught swimming, and worked as a veterinarian technician before being accepted to medical school.

My interests include gardening, horror movies, and hiking with my dogs.

Past Classes

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Paying for College: Learn about financial aid and scholarships in Splash Spring 2018
This course answers the most common questions about financial aid, and it reviews the difference between scholarships, grants, and loans.

The Plague: Some of history's worst pandemics in Splash Spring 2018
You may have heard of the Black Death, a disease that ravaged Europe in the 1300s, killing millions. This class will give you chills as some of history's worst plagues are explored, and how we may be at risk for another.

Applying to College: A Timeline and Tips in Splash Spring 2018
This course reviews a timeline of when you should apply to college, what materials you need to prepare, and tips to improve your application. The class is geared for students in grades 9-11. Remember, applications open August 2018 for those starting college in Fall of 2019.

Paying For College: Learn about financial aid and scholarships in Splash Spring 2017
For many students, applying to college isn't just about a competitive resume. Learn about one of the first major financial decisions you'll make and the options available.

Headaches: When are they more than just a pain? in Splash Spring 2017
Most people have experienced headaches and know that they can be a real nuisance. This course will describe different types of headaches, when to worry about them, and other cases in medicine that have given people a reason to complain about their heads.

Rapid SAT/ACT Grammar Prep in Splash Spring 2017
How do you use a semicolon? When is it their/there/they're? Why the heck is that verb plural? Ohmygawd what's a verb?? This crash course helps you get those "easy points" on the SAT/ACT writing and language section, but it will also help for school. Learn basic rules that will be useful and easy to remember!