UCSD Splash 2019

ESP Biography

MATILDA BACKENDAL, Exchange student from Lund, Sweden

Major: Math/CS

College/Employer: UCSD

Year of Graduation: 2019

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Brief Biographical Sketch:

Fourth year Engineering Mathematics student with a not-so-secret passion for logical puzzles, mathematical riddles and art. I also enjoy studying theoretical computer science (how do such seemingly magical machines really work?!) and sharing my passion for these topics through teaching.

Ask me about differences between Sweden and America, if real numbers really exist and how my last hiking trip went.

I have not taught at Splash before, but I tutored for many years in the past and assisted professors in university level courses. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Past Classes

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The Pigeonhole Principle in Splash Spring 2018
What do pigeons have to do with mathematics? Who was Dirichlet? And how can they help us find a matching pair of socks during the apocalypse? Come to this fun and interactive class to find out how a surprisingly intuitive principle can yield some quite stunning results. Practice your logical thinking while learning proof techniques and solving problems. See how mathematics can make complicated questions simple – and simple ones complicated…