About Teaching at Splash

Teaching at Splash is all about sharing your knowledge and excitement with eager students. The class topic can be anything you are passionate about (your major, your hobbies, etc.) and you have the freedom to design your own class.

As a Splash teacher, you can:

  • pick the topic you want to teach and design your own curriculum
  • co-teach with your friends and colleagues
  • select the duration and size of your class
  • determine the grade levels of your class (between 9th and 12th)
  • request to have class supplies funded

Can I Teach at Splash?

All current UCSD students (undergraduate, graduate, medical...) and post-docs are eligible to teach. Others interested in teaching should email us.

What Should I Teach?

The best classes come from teachers sharing their passions–anything from 18th century literature to ultimate frisbee. Here are some catalogs from other Splash programs for inspiration: MIT Stanford

Time Commitment

Teaching at Splash doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment. Other than preparing and teaching your class, all we ask is that first-time Splash teachers attend a one-hour orientation.

The Fine Print

You can’t exactly teach anything at Splash. Here are some examples of classes we do not allow:

  • Classes that include activities that pose any sort of danger to our students.
  • Classes that are illegal, or that explicitly promote illegal activities (e.g. How to Deal Drugs 101).

If you are not sure if your class idea is appropriate, either email us or just register it anyway - the Splash team will review all proposed classes and reserves the right to reject or cancel any class.

I'm In, How Do I Start?


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