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What is Splash?

Splash is an educational outreach program in which university students teach classes to 9th through 12th graders. Topics range from Neuroscience to Voting Theory, from Martial Arts to Introduction to Interstellar War. See the course catalog for what we taught last time. Splash seeks students who are internally driven to learn. We want to give them a unique opportunity to explore a passion and/or learn something outside of the ordinary curriculum. Students are given the freedom to choose their own classes and pick their own schedule.

When is Splash?

May 12, 2018


How old do I have to be to attend Splash?
As long as you are in high school, you are eligible to attend Splash at UCSD! However, some classes may have an age requirement as well as other prerequisites.

Do I have to stay for the entire program?
No! All we ask is that you attend for the portion of the program you signed up for!

Am I allowed to change my classes during the program?
Yup! We will have on-site registration, so you can add, drop, or change classes as long as there is room!


Is there anything else I need to do before I can teach?
Every teach must complete an hour long orientation with our admins before their class becomes approved. Details on these orientations will be coming soon!

Can I request certain resources for my classes?
If your classes require certain resources, then you can directly request them when you register your class with us. All teachers have a $30 budget that they can work with! Just make sure to list the items in the "planned purchases" section of class registration.


Is there a way for me to contact my child during the program?
Unless there is an emergency, we ask parents not to contact their children during class hours.

Am I allowed to attend the classes with my child?
In order to offer an independent learning experience, we would like students to go through the program on their own.

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